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League Refund Policy

  • The $40 NICA Membership Fee is non-refundable

  • The Utah League Fee is partially refundable only for season-ending injuries or other medical issues. A doctor’s note must be provided

  • Refund will be prorated based on the number of months into the season the injury occurs and when the League is notified

  • If the race season is canceled due to COVID-19, Utah League fees will be partially refunded according to the above prorated guide

  • Refunds cannot be made after the season has ended

  • No refunds will be given for a missed race

  • No refunds are given for canceled races due to weather

  • More information can be found at

Team Refund Policy

  • After May 1st 2022, team fees are partially refundable, minus $75 (the cost of the hoodie and t-shirt provided to all riders)

  • In the event that the season is cancelled due to COVID-19, all team fees will be refunded, minus $75

  • Contact the head coach for additional details

2021 Dates: Welcome
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