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2023 FEES

NICA Registration/Race Fee - 

  • Jr Development: $290

  • High School: $340

Team Fee -

  • Jr Development: $150

  • High school: $200

Uniform (Kit) Fee -

  • Jersey: $40 - $60

  • Shorts: $60 - $80

  • Socks: $14

  • MINIMUM purchase MUST INCLUDE a jersey and socks.  Optional items can also be purchased at the team's Volt store.  Please note that black cycling shorts are a required component of the uniform but aren't required to be purchased from Volt.  Riders can use last year's bib shorts or can bring their own plain, black cycling shorts.

Breakdown of team fees

The NICA fee, team fee, and uniform fee are the costs that cover all practices, races, and any other Utah High School Cycling events during the 2023 season.  When combined, it will cost about $672 for a high schooler ($572 for Jr. Development) to join the team.  These fees are a single, one-time-payment for this season.  Note: the team fee and uniform are both paid through the team's Volt Cycling store found here.

The biggest portion of the total cost is the NICA league fee which covers all the race fees, secondary insurance for riders and ride leaders, race venue costs (e.g., renting Snowbasin or Powder Mountain ski resorts for a race).  Additionally, the NICA fee is used to train coaches, provide CPR / first aid certification, and background checks for adult ride leaders to ride with the students.

The team fee covers things like race day supplies, food for riders and their families at the races, travel costs to tow the trailer, rider t-shirt, rider hoodie, and an end of year party.

The cycling kit is the full uniform required for races and includes a team jersey, team shorts, and team socks.  The kits are high quality, professional cycling clothing, so they are relatively expensive. Normally, a new kit is required each year, but the team is experimenting with a 2 year kit schedule to save costs for families.  (Kids usually outgrow their kits after two years anyway.) 


You may incur additional costs for a bike (if you don't already have one) and for travelling to races (gas, lodging, and meals). Some people camp at the race venues (space is usually provided) or do day trips to minimize travel costs. 

Start up costs can expensive if you are new to the sport, however, when compared to other high school activities, mountain biking is relatively cheaper than mainstream sports, choir, or band and their respective travel expenses.


If you are able to obtain sponsorships from local businesses, the team will provide a discount to the rider's team fees.

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