What to Expect at the Races

Below is a video (and an outline further down on this page) going over what to expect for each race as well as what information can be found in the race flyer.

Pre-race General Logistics

Find “Race Flyer” on www.utahmtb.org



                                                Region 4

                                                                Select Race – That’s the flyer (it’s a Google Doc)

Look up the location of the on a navigation map and calculate your travel time.


120 - Plan to arrive at the parking area 120 minutes prior to your race start time. If you have a JD rider in the first waves, be at the parking lot when the pit zone opens (it will be very early).


90 - Be in the pit zone at our tents 90 min prior to your race start


60 - Be “Race Ready” for your warm-up

  • Race number on (body and bike) – Category and Staging number should be written on the forearm of the rider with Sharpie (ie. JVB, 45)

  • Helmet, gloves, they will ride with (tube and stuff, water, snack)

  • Meet your Ride Leader for on the bike race warm up

    • Warm up

      • Send them with their group (it’s a good idea to get a little “dirt” warm up in)

      • Or ride a stationary trainer (in most cases you will bring your own)

A couple suggestions while your riders are warming up:

  • Help around the Pit Zone (clean something or put some food out or put something away)

  • Talk with other parents (about the best place to watch the racers or anything!)

When they comeback:

  • How’s the bike any issues? Air, Brakes, Chain, Derailleur

  • Double check the plan – Do you have what you need to race (water – how will you drink?, snack, what will you eat?)

  • Relax for a few minutes and last-minute prep


20 - Head to stagging (gate)

Be at the gate no less than 15 min prior to race start. Per the race flyer, ALL riders will be “called” into their starting order by their number that is WRITTEN on their arm.

  • Give them a kiss, hug, high-five, fist-bump and send them off!


If you are volunteering at the Feed Zone – please go there NOW.

If you are watching the start, move up the staging area to a place where you can see your rider whiz by and then have a plan as to 1) where you would like to see them go past again or 2) head back to the pit zone to see if you can help with anything there.