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What to Expect at the Races

Below is a video that describes what to expect for each race and the crucial information found in each race flyer.


(Note that Riverton High is in Region 3)



CRUCIAL!  Prior to a race, download the race flyer.  It will provide location, start times, volunteer opportunities, and answer most of your questions > Race > Races > Region 3 > Click on Applicable Race



120 Minutes Prior

  • Arrive at the parking area 120 minutes prior to your race start time

  • Note: if you have a Junior Development it will be very early


90 Minutes Prior

  • Be in the Riverton tents at the pit zone.  Situate your gear.  Check your bike (ABCD - air, brakes, chain, derailleur)

  • Work on becoming "race ready"


60 Minutes Prior

  • Become “race ready” for your warm-up

  • Attach race plate to bike

  • Pin race number on jersey

  • Write race category and staging number on forearm with permanent marker

  • Helmet, gloves, and riding gear (tube, multitool, water)

  • Warm up with your assigned ride leader

20 Minutes Prior

  • Walk your bike to staging (look for the flag that identifies your race category)

  • Follow instructions from the staging coordinator

  • When your number is called, enter the race lane

Race Flyer


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