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Purchasing a Kit and Paying Team Fees

Purchasing cycling clothing can be tricky since the sizes usually don't match the sizes of clothing you purchase from your favorite department store.  Volt has a comprehensive fitting guide that you can find here.  Or come to a team "kit fit" event!

Step 1: Access team store

Step 2: Team Fees

  • Select "High School Team Fees" for all riders in 9th - 12th grade

  • Select "Jr Devo" for all riders in 7th - 8th grade

  • Team fees include a hoodie and t-shirt for each rider

  • Be sure to add the rider's name in the order form

  • If you are registering multiple riders, you will need to repeat this step for each rider

Step 3: Team Kit

  • A jersey is required.  You can choose between the Pro XC (tight fit) or Enduro jersey (loose fit)

  • Black cycling shorts are required.  You can purchase the Gravel Bib Shorts (tight fit) or Enduro Shorts (loose fit) from Volt, you can use cycling shorts from last year, or you can provide your own plain black cycling shorts (must have a chamois)

  • The shorts offered by Volt are high quality and a phenomenal deal.  It will be difficult to find similar pricing on similar products at other retailers

  • Socks are required

  • If you have the purple socks from last year's kit, you can use them

  • Note on socks: let's face it, over time, cycling socks can get crusty, smelly, and downright disgusting. A new pair of high quality, moisture wicking socks will be a treat to you and your carpool.  Your feet deserve it!

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