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What am I committing to?
The season starts in May and ends October with practices twice a week (Monday/Thursday from 6-8 pm), every week, for the entire season.  Races start in August and occur every other week. The 7th and 8th graders participate in the first three races and high school riders participate in four races.  The high school riders that qualify will be invited to participate in the state championship race in late October.  The team is fueled by volunteers - all of the coaches and ride leaders volunteer 100% of their time to create a safe, fun, and engaging experience for the student athletes.  We encourage parents to become ride leaders, and if ride leading isn't a possibility, we ask that parents volunteer in other functions that support the team.  The team can't do it without you! 


The team can't function without the time and energy from parent volunteers.  We encourage all parents to become ride leaders even if they cannot commit to attending each practice.  We will gladly take whatever amount of time a parent is available to give.  (Please note that parents are NOT required to become ride leaders in order for their child to ride with the team.)  The league requires 1 adult ride leader for every 6 riders or 2 adult ride leaders for every 8 riders.  Riverton Mountain Biking Team has around 110 riders and a safe, effective practice requires support of 18 - 20 adult ride leaders.  There are other opportunities to support the team and, additionally, the league asks that each parent or guardian volunteers at one race.

What is a Devo rider? 
Devo is a nickname for the 7th and 8th graders or Junior Development riders within the league.  The Junior Development team aims to inspire kids to build grit and a love for the sport of cycling. Devos participate in all of the same practices as the high schoolers. 

What is a High School rider?
High school riders are in 9th to 12th grade.


What kind of gear do I need? 
Participants are encouraged to get a mountain bike that fits them. Bike frames come in several different sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL.  There are two types of mountain bikes that can be purchased: a hardtail or a full-suspension bike.  A hardtail only has suspension (a shock) in the front (fork). A full-suspension bike has suspension in the front and a shock on the rear of the bike as well. Either style is perfectly fine.  If you need help looking for a used bike, feel free to contact one of the coaches for advice (a used bike can be a much more cost effective alternative than a new bike).

Helmets are required anytime a participant is on a bike - even in the parking lot. If your leg is over the frame, you are required to have a helmet on. If a racer is caught without a helmet at a race, the team can have points deducted. Gloves are highly recommended. In the event of a fall, they protect the skin of the hands.  


What is a kit?
A kit is the gear that is worn for racing. It consists of a race jersey and padded cycling shorts. There are two styles of kits: baggy or spandex and either are fine for the team.  Riders are required by NICA to wear a team-branded jersey for races. The shorts do not need to be branded with the team's logo, but they need to be black. 
How do I order a kit? 
All of the team's cycling clothing is custom made through our kit vendor.  We will have a "kit fit" night scheduled for your child to try on kits. Sizing is different from regular clothing so do your best to attend a session. Keep in mind that kids grow, so you may want to order a size up. It is normal for cycling shorts to fit tightly in order to prevent chaffing.  A link to the team's kit vendor is located in the "How to Register" section of this website. You will have a 2-week window to order your kit so they can be made and shipped as fast as possible.  You can expect about 4-6 weeks for the kits to be delivered. 

When are Kits Delivered?

All of the jerseys and shorts are high-quality, cycling-specific apparel that is custom made for the team by Volt.  Everyone on the team selects and orders the items they want and when the team's Volt store closes, Volt sends a massive batch order to the clothing manufacturer.  It takes about 5 weeks to make the clothing then an additional week for shipping.  Most clothing items generally arrive at the end of June / early July.  (Note: this is one of the reasons the team can't accommodate late registrations - there is a hard deadline by which all the clothing must be ordered in order to give the manufacturer enough time to make and ship the clothing before the races start.)  The riders do not need kits for practices (but it is helpful to have some padded shorts).

What other items are available to order?
Socks, gloves, arm and leg sleeves, jackets, hoodies, hats, flannel shirts
XC Jersey is the main race jersey (pockets on the back and zip up front)
Enduro jersey- Looks a t-shirt and has pockets on the back


How are practices run? 
The first few practices focus on skills. We do some fun rides to get the kids acquainted with riding together. We then have a time trial. From this trial, we place the riders in groups based on their time. You don’t have to worry about your child being with a group that is too fast or too slow for them. This is not divided by devo and high school ages. Whatever their level, they will ride with others at their level for practices. Practices take place at multiple venues. Refer to the calendar for information on places and times. 


What bike maintenance should I do regularly?
Bikes should be washed off after every ride. Once dry, lube the chain with a chain lube. Any brand of lube will work. Get a tune-up once a year or after a major crash. 


Items needed to carry with riders during a practice/race

  • New (or recently new <3 yrs.) helmet​

  • Biking shoes, either sturdy flat soles (not running shoes) and flat MTB (not road) pedals or cycling specific cleats (clipless)​

  • Gloves (full-finger preferred) – ground protection​

  • Eye protection, sunglasses or clear (save your eyes!)​

  • Cycling shorts with chamois padding (no gym shorts)​

  • Jersey or cycling shirt – wicking tech fabric​

  • Tire repair and mini tool on bike. (Each rider needs to have at least one extra tube with them each practice.)​

  • Water bottles or hydration pack system​

  • New requirement for 2023: Bike light to accommodate team night rides​

  • Know your bike and how to perform basic bike maintenance

How will I receive team communications?
All team communications come through TeamSnap messaging or email. It is important that we have an email address for parents and riders so they can stay up to date on team happenings. A calendar on TeamSnap that shows practice times and places. Download the app or use the website. 
TeamSnap (


Who can be a ride leader?
Any parent can be a ride leader. To make this program run smoothly, we need as many parent volunteers as possible. Level I training is required at minimum. This training is available online through the Pit Zone. Ride leaders can continue on to Level II and Level III. Learn more at:

  • Level I

    • Can ride with the team but can not lead a group or a practice.

  • Level II

    • Can lead a specific group within a team. Has the ability to plan practices under Head Coach Supervision

  • Level III

    • Can plan practices and lead groups. Plans ride schedules and training plans as directed by Head Coach.. This level can also be a Head Coach or Team Director


What are the expectations for parents?
Riverton Team expectations
The Riverton Mountain Bike team is 100% volunteer-run.  Parents - we need you!  From weekly practices to the end of season races, there are many opportunities to volunteer for the team.  We will need help with getting the trailer to and from the race, set up on race day, food, water, and take down.  We have a spot at each race that is designated for our team. We have popup shades, chairs, and tables. The team provides the main meal and asks the parents to bring sides to share with the team and their families. Race days are fun and exciting, and we invite the rider's family to come and support the riders.  Sign-ups for volunteer times and food donations will be sent out the week before each race.

NICA expectations
The league expects that each parent/guardian will volunteer at a race at least ONCE per student per season.
To successfully put on a race, NICA needs 240 volunteers between setup day and race day. Volunteer slots are usually 1.5-2 hours. Opportunities include- 

  • Course set-up

  • Parking attendant

  • Crossing guard

  • Check-in booth

  • Finish line support

  • Announcer

  • Volunteering at our races is a fun, low-commitment, and rewarding way to get involved and cheer on the student-athletes! 

What are the fees for 2023?
NICA Registration/Race Fee - 

  • Jr Development: $290

  • High School: $340​

Team Fee -

  • Jr Development: $150

  • High school: $200

  • Kit (Uniform)- $160

Note: the team fee and uniform are both paid through the team's Volt Cycling store-


How do sponsorships work?
Team members can reach out to local businesses to sponsor our team. Donations are used to supplement team fees to cover team related costs such as food, equipment, and team activities. Riders can receive a refund back on their team fees in varying amounts based on the total amount of sponsorship money they bring in.

There are four levels of sponsorship:

  • Platinum- $2000     100% of team fees for one child up to $360

  • Gold-$1000              75% of team fees for one child up to  $270

  • Silver- $500             50% of team fees for one child up to $180

  • Bronze- $250          25% of team fees for one child up to $90


What is NICA?
NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) is the parent organization of all state-based cross country mountain biking leagues.  The purpose of NICA is to develop interscholastic mountain biking programs for student athletes across the United States.  

The mission of NICA is to build strong minds, bodies, character, and communities through cycling.  The vision of NICA is that every youth is empowered to be part of a thriving and engaged cycling community.  The values of NICA include fun, inclusivity, equity, respect, and community.


What is the Utah High School Cycling League?
The Utah High School Cycling League is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organized in 2011 and is an affiliate league of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. The Utah league facilitates the development of interscholastic cycling teams/clubs for grades 7 – 12 and provides the education, training, licensing and insurance for coaches and volunteers. 

The Utah league also provides a high-quality mountain bike racing experience that emphasizes the value of each participant (no one is benched), camaraderie among peers, a positive sporting behavior, and the cultivation of health over competition.
Why is mountain biking so expensive if you are just riding on open access, free trails?
The biggest portion of the total cost is the league fee which covers all the race fees, secondary insurance for riders and ride leaders, race venue costs (e.g., renting Snowbasin or Powder Mountain ski resorts for a race).  Additionally, the fees are used to train coaches, provide CPR / first aid certification, and background checks for adult ride leaders to ride with the students.​

The team fee covers things like race day supplies, food for riders and their families at the races, travel costs to tow the trailer, rider t-shirt, rider hoodie, and an end of year party.

Do any of the coaches get paid or benefit from the fees I pay?
No coaches are paid.  Your fees directly impact student athletes.  All of the coaches and ride leaders volunteer their time to help NICA fulfill its mission to build strong minds, bodies, character, and communities through cycling.  Running a mountain bike team is a lot of work and we need your help!  Please contact any of the coaches to learn more about how you can volunteer.

What is the Pit Zone?
The Pit Zone is a web-based application for registering student athletes, signing waivers, and paying league fees.  If a parent / guardian would like to ride with the team, they can also register and complete all of their educational requirements in the Pit Zone as well.  The only way you can create an account in the Pit Zone to register your child (or register as a ride leader) is through a coach-initiated invitation that will be sent to your email.

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