Minimum requirements to participate on the RHS MTB team include:

  • In 7th or 8th grade to participate in the Junior Devo Program,


        In 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade to participate in the High School Program.

  • Live within the Riverton High School boundaries.

  • Registration with NICA. $285  for HS racers, and $235 for Jr Devo racers.

  • Registration with the RHS MTB Team. The team fee is $200 for HS racers, and $150 for Jr Devo racers.

  • A team kit purchased through our vendor. Minimum requirement is jersey, bibs (or baggie shorts), and socks. (Cost for these three items will be around $160.00. More info to follow when kits become available for purchase.)

  • Commitment to participate in weekly practices.

  • Parent/Adult Support. The league requires each parent to volunteer at a minimum of one race. As a team, we need parents to assist with practices, food at races, trailer organization/preparation for races, pitzone setup/takedown, etc.  More info to come at orientation.

Team Rules

Team rules found here, must always be followed.

Required items when at practice and races:

  • Mountain bike (well maintained and in good condition)

  • Bike Helmet (proper fit and good, recent condition)

  • Gloves (preferably full-finger)

  • Spare inner tubes (even if you are -running tubeless)

  • Closed-toe shoes with sturdy soles (no sandals or jogging shoes)

  • Water bottles or hydration pack

  • Hand Pump or CO2 with inflator head

  • Tire lever(s)

  • Mini-tool