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Eligibility requirements:

  • In Fall 2023, be in 7th or 8th grade (junior development team)

  • In Fall 2023, be in 9th - 12th grade (high school team)

  • Live within the Riverton High School boundaries.

  • Commitment to participate in weekly practices from May - October

Participation Fees

  • NICA league fee

  • Team Fee

  • Team uniform

Bike and Gear

  • Mountain bike

    • Most ride a cross-country (XC) hardtail 

    • 29” or 27.5” wheels  

    • Front air adjustable suspension 

    • Hydraulic disc brakes 

    • 1x11, 1x12, or 2x10 drivetrain (avoid 3x drivetrains)

    • Quality tires (dispose of old tires now)

    • Tubeless tire system with ample sealant

    • Full suspension and dropper posts are great options, but increases cost 

    • Expect around $1500 for an adequate new bike​

  • Helmet (if your helmet is more than 3 years old, throw it away, it is no longer safe!)

  • Gloves (full-finger preferred)

  • Sunglasses or clear safety glasses

  • Water bottle or hydration pack

  • Biking shoes (we recommend MTB flats, MTB clipless, or shoes with sturdy flat soles (running shoes are not recommended - they are too flexible) 

  • Cycling shorts with chamois padding (no gym shorts)

  • Cycling jersey or shirt with wicking fabric

  • Extra tube

  • Hand pump or CO2 inflator

  • Multi tool

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