As a volunteer led organization, Adult Support is the lifeblood of our organization.

We are the generous parents and community members who love mountain biking and kids.


Our largest need is Ride Support at our practices


We need many adults that are willing to come out, and ride with our team during our practices that run May through October. We need many levels of ride support, from leading our varsity kids, to sweeping our beginner Jr. Devo riders. It's a great way to get in shape and be with our kids! Volunteers don’t have to have kids on the team. Every Ride Support person is trained through the NICA program in coaching technique and first aid. They must go through a background check before they can ride with the team. Only team members and official Ride Support people can ride with the team during practice. The team will pay for the cost of coaches’ training and provide a team shirts and other items based on the level of coaching commitment.

PLEASE reach out to our Head Coaches and let them know you can HELP!, Jeramie at 801-710-8754, Jef at 801-361-2376.

More information can be found here -  

We are so grateful to ALL Ride Support for showing up and making this team possible.


NICA Volunteers - the race league requires that each parent, of each racer, takes a volunteer shift during one of the races. Here are more details and where you will sign up.  

We will be given a “home race” that is our responsibility to cover - we will let you know when that is as it gets closer. They will not race if they do not have enough volunteers. This is super important. They reward us for getting all our parents to volunteer and the more often our people volunteer the better our reward is!


Team Director/Registration Coordinator- Zac Dailey and Ben Berrett for 2021

Treasurer - Andrea Keiser for 2020 / looking for replacement for 2021

Sponsor Coordinator - Zac for 2021 / looking for replacement for 2022

Volunteer Coordinator  and Trailer Coordinator - Ginger Rast for 2020.  Jenn Berrett, Greg Crockett and Nicki Crockett  for 2021

Uniform Coordinator - Ginger Rast for 2021 / looking for replacement for 2022

End of Season Party Coordinator - Jenny Canals and Julie Huntington for 2021

End of Year Plaques - Jenny Canals and Julie Huntington for 2021

We Also Need:

  • Trailer Coordinator - We need someone to take responsibility for the trailer maintenance and upkeep. (it is stored in Bluffdale)  This may involve organizing and cleaning the contents with help from the volunteer coordinator and other parents.

  • Trailer Pullers - We need 5 to 10 people to pull our gear trailer to and from the races. We will pay for your gas! We have a 5,000 lbs. (loaded weight) double axle trailer, it has drop hitch that requires a 2 inch receiver.  The trailer will be picked up the night before the race and returned in the evening, or next day after (depending on where the race is). It will take some planning with the volunteer coordinator. You can choose to pull it both ways or just one way. You get VIP parking as our trailer puller.  

  • Photographers - We need a person to take individual pictures of the high school and  devo racers. We also need parents to take pictures all around the race and in the pits for us to use in our end of the year video.

  • Side Dishes and Treats - Each family will be asked to contribute a small amount of food to each race. A sign up sheet will be sent out through Teamsnap. Please sign up at least 5 days before the race so we know what is coming.

  • Ice and Water Coordinators - We need 5 parents willing to go to Costco (because it is way cheaper at Costco) the evening, before the trailer leaves town, to purchase a lot of ice and water bottles, then deliver them to to trailer and load them into the coolers. The team pays the cost.

  • Food Prep - This could include planning, shopping, and preparing food in the days just before the race with the volunteer coordinator. It could also be picking up food on your way to the race, like pizza at State Champs.

  • Poster Maker- At each race, we have a poster that will have start times and categories for the racers. It will need to be made fresh the day before the race and delivered to the trailer. The coaches will supply all the information. Team will pay for all supplies. This could be split between 2 people.

  • Social Media Manager - Someone to monitor and add content to our social media.

  • Set Up and Take Down - This is where we need a village! We need the families of morning racers to come a little early and help set up tents, tables, and gear.  After the race, we need families to stay and help clean up the tents and bike racks. After we are done serving lunch, we need families to help put food and tables away. Please plan to jump in and help. The more helpers the easier it is on all of us.    

  • Team Video Master - need someone 2021

  • Party Helpers - Helping with prep, set up, and clean up of our parties.


Donations! - We would gladly take any donations of just about anything like food, paper goods, bike stuff…. If you can help us get a good deal on things, that would be great, too.

Just let Ginger know at