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2024 Team Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a great way to support local junior high and high school athletes plus receive visibility of your company's brand / logo.  Sponsorship money is only used to directly benefit the student athletes.  Because of our generous sponsors, the team is able to able to keep team fees low and provide vital equipment for all riders.

One-year sponsorship levels

  • Bronze: $250 – logo on t-shirt

  • Silver: $500 – logo on jersey and t-shirt

  • Gold: $1000 – logo placement on trailer, jersey, and t-shirt

  • Platinum: $2000 – premium placement of large logo on team trailer, jersey, and t-shirt

Other sponsorship opportunities

  • Merchandise donations

  • Cycling equipment

  • Retail discounts 

Other Sponsorship Benefits

  • Logo placement on website and social media

  • Logo visibility at large events (3,000 + individuals)

  • Rider subsidies - sponsorship dollars can provide a discount to a rider's team fees​

How to sponsor the team

Print this form and bring it to the season kick-off event or mail it to the team treasurer.  For additional information, please contact the team.

Rider benefits

  • Bronze: $50 discount on team fees / kit

  • Silver: $100 discount on team fees / kit

  • Gold: $200 discount on team fees / kit

  • Platinum: $400 discount on team fees / kit


A few notes about sponsorship​ benefits for riders

  • Discount based on total sponsorship dollars brought in​

  • Discount not to exceed $400 for sponsorships exceeding the Platinum level, unless a family has multiple riders​ on the team.  If this is the case, talk to a head coach.

  • Logo and sponsorship funds due on April 30th

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